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Company Profile

Agricare organic Farms is a major producer of organic food and inputs like biocontrol agents, organic pesticides, vermicompost, organic liquid fertilizer, etc. in Northern India.In addition, Agricare organic farms provide consultancy services for all types of agricultural activities including that for high end biotech services and products also. This organization understands your needs because its founders are farmers themselves, and has a team of duly qualified experts in agricultural sciences backed by R & D unit. We will provide instant answers to your queries and remain at your service to help you out in difficult situations.  

Our experts will provide you with personalized help for:

.  Supply of Organic Inputs particularly, Vermicompost as we are the largest
   producer of vermicompost in North India. 
.  Advice in organic farming
  Research & Development in organic farming
  Pesticides & Fungicides  control through organic
   methods guidance
.  Growing problems of any type
.  Disease & pest control solutions
.  Irrigation & soil fertility advice
 Latest growing methods
  New technologies
.  Technical Staff for all agri-based departments
  Supply of agri inputs
  Packing and Marketing
.  Fully uploaded and updated website for any time reference

We also offer as part of our consultancy division the services of our scientists to conduct bio-diversity surveys of privately or publicly held lands. Where as we expertise in Contract Farming, Agricare also aims at serving humanity by growing and sheltering rare species of flora that has medicinal value and the potential to treat the diseases in natural way without any fear of side effects. From the exhaustive list of such species -
Safed Musli, Stevia, Tulsi, Guggal, Kesar, All organic food, etc. These are
curative for ailments like asthma, conjunctivitis, mental retardation, urinary disease, rheumatism, impotency, baldness and many more.
We offer our consultancy services for your entire setup of agricultural unit.

     Few Of Our Prestigious Clients:

  • India Glycols Limited

  • Field Fresh Foods Pvt. Ltd. (Sister Concern Bharti Group, Delhi)

  • Maa Danteshwari Herbal Hi-Tech Farms (Chattisgarh)

  • Morarka Rural Fondation (Jaipur)

  • Sun Fruits Limited

  • International Council Of India

  • Unity Of Man (Sister Concern Kirpal Sagar's Academy, International NGO, Rahon)

  • Markfed (Punjab)

  • Neva Plantations Pvt. Ltd. (Ludhiana)

  • Kangaroo Industries

  • Sunrays Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (Chandigarh)

  • Bakhshi Poultries

  • Gulzar Motors


  • Sodhi Agricultural Farms

  • Raghuvir Agro Farms (Gurdaspur)

  • Punjab Agros

  • Bhathal Seeds

  • Garewal Farms

  • Sahu Seeds

  • Brar Seeds

  • Nath Seeds

  • Perfect Industries

  • ..........................................and many more

Mrs. Uma Saini


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