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Organic Food  

What is organic food?

Food that is grown and processed without the use of toxic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and other artificial treatments is called organic food.

Why organic food is better?

The organic food brought by farmers directly from their farms is better for you and your family. There are over 7000 various artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners, residual antibodies, hydrogenated fats and processing aids that are used in food processing. However, none of these are present in organic based products. To increase the yield of food grains, a cocktail of poisonous chemicals, highly toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics & growth hormones are used in intensive farming, which are even banned in developed countries. nearly 90% of pesticides never reach the pests, instead of that they end up in contaminating soil, air and water thus enter in the food chain. So, organic food's strength lies in what it doesn't contain.

Organic food is much higher in nutritive content

As compared to the non-organic food, fresh organic produce contains an average 50% more vitamins, minerals, enzymes produces. In straight forward nutritional analyses, organic food trends to have more dry weight and nutrients in it.


% Increase In various components of Organic produce versus

Non organic Produce

Dry Matter+26% Calcium+56% Copper+34%
Magnesium+49% Iron+290% Essential Aminoacid+35%
Potassium+13% Manganese+28% Protein+12%

A comparative study program conducted at IIT New Delhi under 'desi ahaar' the nutritional value, flavor & taste of these were much higher than commercial samples.

Consumption of organic food reduces health risks.

Organic farming keep harmful chemical & pesticides out of the food you eat. the table given below will give you an idea of the ill effects of non-organic food due to the presence of harmful substances.

Harmful substances found in
non-organic food.
Disease caused by these substance.
Hydrogenated Fat Cause of heart disease, cancers, diabetes, and obesity
Phosphoric acid Osteoporosis
Antibiotics Allergies, reduces, immunity
Growth hormones Gender confusipon, obesity, Multigenerational cancer, and infertilty
Pesticides Mutagenic & caecinogenic diseases
GMO's Crohn's disease, autism, gut based diseases
Artificial coloring's Flavoring, Preservatives & processing acid Cancer, liver diseases, digestive diorder, gut problem
  1. Toxins that destroy our environment also destroy our health.

  2. Over thousands of die in India every year due to pesticides related poisoning.

  3. every 10 person in a metro suffers from cancer & male fertility rate has dropped by 45%.

  4. Avoid artificial modified food. Going organic is the only way to avoid consumption of chemical contaminated food. Thus by adopting Organic food, you are registering for secure healthy life.



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