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Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides  

Plant Tonic   Organic  Manuar

Plant Tonic  is  unique   liquid  organic manure  based upon  enrich  vermiwash   with  herbs & seaweed  extracts  containing  all major nutrients.  Plant Tonic increases growth and production  of vegetable, fruits & flowers ,  simultaneously  giving them necessary  protections  against  harmful  insects.  Plant Tonic is strongly recommended for all types  of  crops , vegetables , fruits , & flowers
Dosage :
1       liter  per  acre  after  mixing  in  100  liters  of  water .


Soil  Food
Soil Food is specially prepared for all kinds of flowers , vegetables , plants ,fruit trees &crops for rapid and vigorous growth.

Dosage & Usage :
For  Potted  Plants ( 2 3 ) table spoons for small  pots  and  5   table  spoons  for  big  pots  once  a  month .
For  Fruits   Trees  -  25 kg  of  vermicompost  in  soils .
For  Flowers  -  1 kg  per  3  sq. m. once  every month  .After mixing  it in  the  soil  apply  water  for  better  results .Excess  application does not harm either plants or soil ,in any manner


Neemazole - Insect Anti Feedant/Repellan

Insects cause major damage especially to high yielding varieties of crops. Necessary to reduce insect damage but if we can do so without use of toxic products, it is environmentally ideal.

What is Neemazole?
Neemazole is the extract of natural neem and contains triterpenoids & azadirachtin which are very effective against insects & yet are safe to human beings and animals.
Mode of action of Neemazole

Anti-Feedant - Insects lose their appetite
Repellant - Drives away the insects
Growth regulatory- Larvae do not develop into full grown adults
Ovipositor & ovicidal - Deposition & hatching of eggs reduced
Safe to predators and parasites - Protects beautiful insects and keeps population of harmful insects under control
Dosage and recommendation of Neemazole

Totally bio-degradable
Effective against wide range of insects
Safe to the environment
Cost effective over conventional pesticides
Low volume spray: Spray 1 to 1.5 litres of Neemazole per acre.
High volume spray: Spray @ 5ml Neemazole per litre water and cover the entire foliage
Tank mix: Along with standard dose of insecticides or fungicide, mix 3 ml of Neemazole per litre of spray solution. Cropwise recommendations for pest management
Cotton: Following insects are damaging cotton crops Heliothis, larvae, bollworms - Spray Neemazole starting from 45 days of planting at bi-weekly interval. White fly - spray Neemazole to prevent build up of white fly eggs and pupae. Nymphs should be controlled at an early stage. Best results are obtained if Neemazole is sprayed during oviposition time. Spodoptera - spray Neemazole at early season to prevent build up of spodoptera sucking pest - spray of Neemazole before flowering
Rice / paddy: Two or three sprays of Neemazole will ffectively control pests like brown leaf hopper, green leaf hopper, leaf hoppers and stem borers
Citrus: Citrus blackfly, aleurocanthus woglumi can be controlled by bi-weekly spray of Neemazole
Cabbage: Diamond back moth damages cabbage crop to a great extent and can be controlled effectively by using Neemazole
Vegetables: Bi-weekly application of Neemazole can effectively control all types of insects
Pulses: Neemazole is effective against gram pod borer, pea semilooper, aphids, whiteflies tur caterpillar
Jujuba (ber): During winter months, fruit fly is active ;spray Neemazole twice during his season.
Grapes: For control of flea beetle, scales, thrips and jassids, spray Neemazole from october to march at monthly intervals.
Mango: Hopper is the main pest. Spray Neemazole from november to february to keep hopper under control.
Apples: For prevention of fruit borers, fruit flies, apple wolly aphids and apple mealy bugs.
Melons & curcurbits: For prevention of fruit-fly, caterpillarsand beetles spray at fortnightly intervals.
Pomegranate: To prevent anar butterfly from laying eggs on flowers and young fruits, spraying at flowering time.
Sapota: For taking care of chikoo moth. Fruit flies and thrips spray Neemazole regularly
Chilies: To take care of damage of thrips, pod borers, caterpillars and aphids spray Neemazole every fortnight
Tomato: For control of leaf miner, caterpillar, jassids, beetles and whiteflies spray every 15 days with Neemazole
coffee: Green and red bugs, shot hole borers, thrips and miners attack the plants and berries. Spray Neemazole from may onwards till the harvest.
Tea: Tea mosquito multiplication can be stopped by Neemazole spray on tea.
Onion: For control of thrips and maggots, spray Neemazole every 15 days.
Application: during winter give Neemazole spray to ovicidal action against the spring damage.


SAFA - Fish Oil Rosin Soap

Totally biodegradable, bio derived, natural product
Very effective against difficult to control insects such as Scale and Mealy Bugs
Long persistence, resist heavy rain, do not get washed away easily
Naturally suitable with all agricultural spray solution as spreader, wetting agent, sticking agent and having synergistic effect.
Specially suited to increase insecticidal properties of spray against wide range of insects.
Safa and Neemazole are made for each other for better results against White Fly, Scale Leaf Miner and mealy Bug type of infestation.
Safe for hot blooded animals, no toxic effect on environment.
Eco-friendly product from Agricare Organic Farms Ltd.
Effect was proved and well supported by scientific findings.
Ideally suited agricultural spray oil.
It has a capacity of repelling insects from its hide outs and help n controlling them effectively.

Cotton: Central Cotton Research Institute had found Fish Oil Rosin Soap effective against pest complex.
Grapes: Combination of Neemazole and Safa is effective in controlling mealy Bug ideally suitable for dipping bunches or making effective band at bottom of vine or bunch to keep insects away from infestation.
Chilies, Tomato, Paddy, Sugarcane, Groundnut and Horticultural crops etc.
Compatibility: It is compatible with most insecticides used. E.g.: ddvp, fenvalrate, neemazole, monocrotophos.


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