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Vegetables Varieties


Botanical Name: Asparagus Offocianilies
Common Name: Asparagus
Use: In different recipes preparation

  • Provide healthy alternative to high-end vegetable consumer.

  • High in coarse and soluble fiber.

  • High in vitamin and minerals.

  • Strengthening of kidney function.

  • lowering the blood pressure.

  • Stimulates urinary track.

Variety: ASB-118

  • ASB-118 produces fibreless tender spears.

  • ASB-118 produces high quality thick spears.

  • ASB-118 is tolerant to high-density plantation.

  • ASB-118 can give yield of more than 2 tones /acre /year.

General Description: Asparagus is grown for its spears or shoots. Which are used to prepare various recipes. Under proper management up to two tones asparagus shoots or spears can be obtained from one-acre land. Asparagus can be sold @ Rs.60 to 120/kg.

Climatic Requirement:

  • North Indian conditions are most suitable.

  • Variety ASB-118 tolerate higher pH and salinity.

  • Variety ASB-118 produces large diameter spears of very high quality.

Irrigation and Nutrition Management: Drip irrigation system is most suitable for Asparagus cultivation. Organic fertilizers are generally used to fulfill the nutritional requirement as per recommendation.

Insect and Pest Management: Plastic mulching is more effective to control the weed. Only organic pesticide and fungicide should be applied to keep check on insect and diseases as per recommendation.

Harvesting and Storage:

  • Harvesting can be done when spear attain 9 inch length.

  • Asparagus spears have to be cut with a knife near the soil line.

  • Spear diameter should be 5/16 inch during harvest.

Yield and Economics:

  • Yield of ASB-118 has been 7500 kg /ha. /year. ( Under optimum conditions)

  • Total yield (5 year) has been 37500 kg per ha.

  • Total cost of production (5 year) Rs.5, 11,450 per ha.

  • Total return @ Rs.85 per kg is Rs.31, 85 500 per ha.

  • Net annual income stands at Rs. 5,34,810 per ha.

Brief project report: SFL prepared brief project report on Asparagus cost is only Rs.1000/- including postal charges.











Variety/Type :

Various varieties including Packman, Greenbelt and special
varieties imported from Japan, Taiwan suitable for cultivation
in different types of climate. All these varieties are having
dark green colour, Dome shape and good keeping quality.

Location :

The Broccoli is grown in our own farm near
Bhigwan which is 100 km East of major West Indian
City of Pune.

Marketing Period :

All year around as per advance contract.

Brand :


Customers :

CGC Japan

Intended use :

For fresh market.


Colour :

Green with no discolourisation


Uniformed weighing 250 to 300 gm with straight cut at the bottom.

Maturity :

Head tight and firm with no loose florets (indicating of over ripeness)

Size :

35 to 40 pcs. Per 10 kg net carton.

Shape :

Dome shaped and not flat.




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