Agricare is an agricultural consultancy group that delivers consultancy for all types of agricultural activities. Agricare understands your needs because it's founders are farmers themselves, and fully qualified to understand the needs of the time and future. With a team of scientists and agri-experts, they have their own R&D center to provide you with every single guidance and inputs required. You will no longer be frustrated by having to wait days before you can consult with an expert about your growing problems or agronomic queries....

Organic Farming
The marriage of contract farming and farmer cooperation has the potential to explore new market opportunities
.. more >>

Biodegradable Waste
It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as waste management consultants. Environmental degradation is a major threat confronting the world-.... more >>

Organic Food
The term "Organic Food" refers to the methods used to produce the food without pesticides, artificial fertilizers, ..... more >>

Medicinal Plants
India has 15 Agro-climatic zones, 47000 different plants species and 15000 medicinal plants that include 7000 plants used in Ayurveda, 700 in unani ... more >>

Fruits & Vegetables

Grow Virtually Any Plant, Vegetable And Fruit Without Soil. Even If You're Complete Beginner!"... more >>

Cereals & Pulses
We are continuously working to provide farmers with best quality SEEDS, Organic SEEDS, and other .. more >>

Organic Fertilizers And Organic Pesticides
We have developed effective, safe and easy to use natural organic inputs. These products work with nature and use the natural life forces .. more >>

Green Houses
Green houses are climate controlled. Green Houses have a variety of applications, the majority being, off-season growing of vegetables, floriculture, planting material acclimatization .. more >>

We have developed effective, safe and easy to use natural organic inputs. These products work with nature and use the natural life forces .. more >>

Plant Tissue Culture
Plant tissue culture is a practice used to propagate plants under sterile conditions, often to produce clones of a plant. more >>

Monk’Fruit is also known as Luo Han Guo (luohanguo) refers to the fruit of Siraitia grosvenori, formerly called Momordica
more >>

R & D
We at AGRICARE ORGANICS are constantly undergoing Research and Development programmes to provide better and better Organic Food, Organic Seeds, Seedlings, etc.. more >>

Small Farmers Agri
Business Consoritum

The only Empanelment Consultant for them in Punjab. more >>

Earthworm Powder
Agricare Organic Farms produces pure grade of Earthworm powder,  free of heavy metal contaminates, fillers or other dilatants and is guaranteed to be pesticide-free.-.... more >>

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Award of Honour By Dean College of Agriculture Palampur.
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